Licensed for testing and evaluation purposes. Please see the license agreement included in the sample project. You can use the source code of the tutorial if you are a licensed user of DayPilot Pro for JavaScript.

Angular 5 Gantt Chart Component Configurator

angular 5 gantt chart ui builder configurator

This Angular 5 project has been generate using DayPilot Gantt Chart UI Builder. This online app lets you configure the Gantt chart component properties and quickly generate and download a project prototype. The project includes all dependencies and is ready to run. You can customize the Gantt chart configuration by editing the TypeScript source code (gantt.component.ts).

The generated project has a standard structure (it's based on Angular CLI). The Gantt chart component is wrapped in a special GanttModule which can be found in src/app/gantt folder:

- data.service.ts
- gantt.component.ts
- gantt.module.ts

Gantt Chart Angular 5 Component

The GanttComponent class displays the Gantt chart using DayPilotGanttComponent. The Gantt chart properties are configured using "config" object - it specifies the Gantt chart properties and event handlers.


import {Component, ViewChild, AfterViewInit} from "@angular/core";
import {DayPilot, DayPilotGanttComponent} from "daypilot-pro-angular";
import {DataService} from "./data.service";{}

  selector: 'gantt-component',
  template: `<daypilot-gantt [config]="config" #gantt></daypilot-gantt>`,
  styles: [``]
export class GanttComponent implements AfterViewInit {

  gantt: DayPilotGanttComponent;

  config: any = {
    cellWidthSpec: "Fixed",
    cellWidth: 40,
    timeHeaders: [{"groupBy":"Month"},{"groupBy":"Day","format":"d"}],
    scale: "Day",
    days: DayPilot.Date.today().daysInMonth(),
    startDate: DayPilot.Date.today().firstDayOfMonth(),
    taskHeight: 30,
    rowHeaderHideIconEnabled: false,
    rowMoveHandling: "Update",
    onRowMoved: function (args) {
      this.message("Row moved");
    taskMoveHandling: "Update",
    onTaskMoved: function (args) {
      this.message("Task moved");
    linkCreateHandling: "Update",
    onLinkCreated: function (args) {
      this.message("Link created");
    rowCreateHandling: "Enabled",
    onRowCreate: function (args) {
      this.tasks.add(new DayPilot.Task({
        id: DayPilot.guid(),
        text: args.text,
        start: new DayPilot.Date().getDatePart(),
        end: new DayPilot.Date().getDatePart().addDays(1)

  constructor(private ds: DataService) {

  ngAfterViewInit(): void {
    this.ds.getTasks().subscribe(result => this.config.tasks = result);
    this.ds.getLinks().subscribe(result => this.config.links = result);


Data Service

The data service provides sample Gantt chart data (tasks and links).


import {Injectable} from "@angular/core";
import {Observable} from "rxjs/Observable";
import {DayPilot} from "daypilot-pro-angular";
import {HttpClient} from "@angular/common/http";

export class DataService {

  tasks: any[] = [
      id: 1,
      text: "Group 1",
      complete: 35,
      children: [
          id: 2,
          start: this.firstOfMonth().addDays(3),
          end: this.firstOfMonth().addDays(10),
          text: "Task 1",
          complete: 60
          id: 3,
          start: this.firstOfMonth().addDays(10),
          end: this.firstOfMonth().addDays(15),
          text: "Task 2",
          complete: 0
          id: 4,
          start: this.firstOfMonth().addDays(15),
          type: "Milestone",
          text: "Milestone 1"

  links: any[] = [
    { from: 2, to: 3, type: "FinishToStart"}

  firstOfMonth(): DayPilot.Date {
    return DayPilot.Date.today().firstDayOfMonth();

  constructor(private http : HttpClient){

  getTasks(): Observable<any[]> {

    // simulating an HTTP request
    return new Observable(observer => {
      setTimeout(() => {
      }, 200);

    // return this.http.get("/api/tasks");

  getLinks(): Observable<any[]> {

    // simulating an HTTP request
    return new Observable(observer => {
      setTimeout(() => {
      }, 200);