This tutorial shows how to customize the DayPilot event calendar ASP.NET control behavior on touch devices (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch and other smart phones and tablets with iOS, Android or Windows operating systems).

The following gestures are supported out of the box:

You can customize the "tap and hold" behavior for both events and time cells. You can also add custom drag handlers to the events.

Sample Project


Licensed for testing and evaluation purposes. You can use the source code of the tutorial if you are a licensed user of DayPilot Pro for ASP.NET WebForms.

1. Time Cell "Tap and Hold" Handling

html5 event calendar touch cell context menu

By default, the "tap and hold" gesture activates time range selecting.

You can map this gesture to a context menu using TimeRangeTapAndHoldHandling property:



2. Event "Tap and Hold" Handling

html5 event calendar touch event context menu

By default, the "tap and hold" gesture activates event moving.

You can map this gesture to a context menu using EventTapAndHoldHandling property:



2. Custom Calendar Event Drag Handler

html5 event calendar touch move drag handler

The default EventTapAndHoldHandling value is "Move". This allows event moving, which is activated by the "tap and hold" gesture. If you map "tap and hold" to a context menu you can add custom drag handlers using event active areas.

You can create an active area using BeforeEventRender event handler:


protected void DayPilotCalendarWeek_OnBeforeEventRender(object sender, BeforeEventRenderEventArgs e)
  e.Areas.Add(new Area().Top(0).Left(10).Right(10).Height(20).CssClass("event_action_move").Move().Visibility(AreaVisibility.Visible));


Protected Sub DayPilotCalendarWeek_OnBeforeEventRender(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As BeforeEventRenderEventArgs)
  e.Areas.Add((New Area()).Top(0).Left(10).Right(10).Height(20).CssClass("event_action_move").Move().Visibility(AreaVisibility.Visible))
End Sub

This code will add an active area to calendar events:

  • Displayed at the top border

  • Height of 20 pixels

  • Permanently visible (by default the active areas are only visible on hover)

  • Styled using "event_action_move" CSS class

4. External Drag and Drop

html5 event calendar touch external drag drop

You can drag external items to the calendar.

You need to activate the elements in order to make them draggable using DayPilot.Calendar.makeDraggable(item) method.

<div id="draggable">Event 1 (30 minutes)</div>>

<script type="text/javascript">
  var item = {
    element: document.getElementById("draggable"),
    id: 1,
    text: "Event 1",
    duration: 1800


Item propeties:

  • element (the DOM element that should be activated)

  • id (event id, will be passed to EventMove handler)

  • text (event text, will be passed to EventMove handler)

  • duration (duration in seconds)

  • keepElement (boolean, keep the element at the original place after it is dropped; by default the original element is removed)

jQuery Example (List)

<h2>External Drag and Drop</h2>
<div class="external">
  <div data-id="123" data-duration="3600">Event 1</div>
  <div data-id="124" data-duration="7200">Event 2</div>

<script type="text/javascript">
$(document).ready(function () {
  $(".external div").each(function () {
          cursor: "move",
          width: "100px",
          border: "1px solid black",
          padding: "5px"
      var item = {
          element: this,
          id: $(this).data("id"),
          text: $(this).text(),
          duration: $(this).data("duration")